Saving Money on Vacation Activities: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

With the weather finally having warmed up properly for the summer months, many families are consider planning a late summer vacation to different areas around the United States. Whether you plan on flying to a destination or simply driving yourself, the trip will undoubtedly be expensive due to rising costs of travel. Finding the best ways to reduce the cost of traveling by saving money in unique ways can make a vacation all the better. 

The Average Activity Cost on Vacation

As mentioned, costs have been rising in the modern day when it comes to travel. Unlike the past, a one-week vacation for a single person now costs over $1,500, meaning an average family of four should expect to pay closer to $6,000. Very few people have the ability to pay this type of cost out-of-pocket, which means a majority of people are using credit and paying their trip off over time. Rather than accruing debt, consider finding unique ways to reduce the costs of your travel so that you don’t need to think about money on your trip. 

5 Ways to Save Money on Activity Costs

Saving money on vacation isn’t easy as there is a charge for everything nowadays. However, there are five key ways anybody can reduce the overall cost of their travels this summer:

1) Book Vacations in Advance

An easy way to reduce the cost of travel in the modern day is to simply book your trip well in advance of the actual travel date. Many companies, whether they be airlines, hotels, or activity vendors, offer discounts if tickets are purchased far enough in the future. Alternatively, looking at tickets earlier simply gives a person more opportunities to find the best cost possible. 

2) Cut Costs on Other Vacations Items

While it may seem obvious, there are multiple unnecessary costs on vacation which can be taken away. For example, eating out when on vacation may seem like a classic aspect to a trip, but it’s also one of the most expensive parts of a budget. Rather than doing this, however, consider making food on your own if you have access to a kitchen as this will likely be far cheaper. 

3) Save Money Months in Advance

When trying to plan exciting Pigeon Forge activities for the whole family or an elaborate beach day on the Miami coastline, simply cutting costs may not be enough. A great way to ensure you have enough money in the bank for a trip is to save up for months in advance. Start putting a percentage of your paycheck away on a regular basis, even if it’s only a small percentage, into a dedicated travel fund that is distinct from your savings account. By forcing yourself to save on a monthly basis, you will build an excellent little travel nest-egg that can be used solely for trips as opposed to other purposes. 

4) Sign Up for Price Drop Notifications

Companies frequently drop their prices for a short period of time, whether that be for a holiday or simply some type of savings period the company is offering. Unfortunately, many people miss this price drop because they aren’t on the site for the period of time when it is offered. There are a number of plug-ins that a person can use on web browsers which allow that person to set price drop notifications. This helps to ensure that the notification is never missed and that a person can get the best price possible for their trip.

5) Opt for Off-season Activities Instead

Many travelers often have an idea of when they want to visit a location along with an elaborate plan for when they arrive. However, if that plan is too expensive for your budget, then it may not be wise to follow through with it. Instead, consider ditching the original plan and instead travel to a destination during the off-season to take advantage of the reduced prices that will be offered. Keep in mind that there may be fewer activities to partake in, so replan your trip accordingly. 

The Bottom Line

Nobody wants to accidentally fall into debt simply because they chose to take a vacation, but rising costs have made avoiding this more challenging than ever. With that said, each of the above tips can help a person cut as many costs as possible when planning their vacation. While a vacation will still be expensive, finding ways to save money should always be a priority for travelers.