Discounts, bonuses, resources, and links – everything for planning your vacation in one place

During more than ten years of traveling, we have created a list of companies that we regularly use. They offer continually the best deals. We would like to recommend them to you as well.

We have prepared a well-arranged list that you can save to your bookmarks. Whenever you plan a vacation in the future, you can just open this page and have everything in one place.

We have affiliate cooperation with most of these companies. If you buy anything using one of our links, it won’t cost you anything extra and we will get a small commission that we will use for the further improvement of this website (you will give us a part of the commission that you would otherwise give the corporation). It’s also the best way how to help us if you like our site. We recommend only proven and tested companies that we regularly use.


Skyscanner logo


Flight search engine, which we like and use the most. Always use the language version of the country you are flying to or from. The prices are usually lower.

Momondo logo


Another great search engine and one of the most popular in the world. It’s especially good for searching for flights outside Europe, where Skyscanner isn’t that great.

AZair logo


AZair is the best search engine for low-cost flights search. AZair can find extremely cheap tickets that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. logo


If you want to choose a destination by the ticket price, can be a good place to search using their great map feature.

Kayak logo


Even Kayak can sometimes find a lower ticket price. We recommend that you try different language versions, as prices vary: or


Discounts, bonuses, resources, and links - everything for planning your vacation in one place


Booking is our favorite accommodation search engine. It provides the largest number of offers and the lowest prices (they have the lowest price guarantee).

Discounts, bonuses, resources, and links - everything for planning your vacation in one place


If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Asia, you will often find the best deals on Agoda. The portal also operates worldwide but has fewer offers outside Asia than Booking.

Discounts, bonuses, resources, and links - everything for planning your vacation in one place


Another good option for finding accommodation is Airbnb. You can often find a cozy apartment at the price of a cheap hostel.

Hotwire logo


Hotwire is great for finding last-minute accommodation. In addition to the classic hotel offers, you will also find anonymous offers where you don’t know in advance which hotel they will accommodate you in. You just specify the location and quality of the hotel (stars) and Hotwire will then give you a hotel that meets the conditions at the last minute.

Couchsurfing logo


If you want a cultural experience in addition to accommodation, try Couchsurfing. The hosts offer free accommodation at their homes. But you shouldn’t take it just as free accommodation, but to give it something extra on your part. For example, you can bring a gift from your country or cook dinner for your host.

Trustedhousesitters logo

Trusted Housesitters

House sitting is another way to get free accommodation. The way it works is that people who have pets go on holiday and they need someone to take care of their animals during their stay. You can get accommodation in beautiful houses in exchange for animal care.

Car Rental and Transportation

Rentalcars logo


Rentalcars is a portal where you can find the offers of most car rental companies around the world in one place. You will find the largest selection of cars at the lowest prices.

Direct ferries logo

Direct Ferries

Direct Ferries is a portal where you can find offers from most ferry companies around the world in one place. They also usually offer ferries at the lowest prices.

Rome 2 Rio logo

Rome 2 Rio

Rome2Rio is a great search engine for connections all over the world. If you don’t know how to get from one destination to another, use Rome2Rio. The search engine will find you a connection and redirect you to the ticket vendor.

12 Go logo

12 Go Asia

12 Go Asia is Asia’s best bus and train ticket dealer. It’s usually easy to buy tickets on arrival in Asia, however, if you want to be sure, buy a ticket using 12 Go.

Flixbus logo


Flixbus is a popular European bus carrier. You can find very cheap bus tickets all over Europe on Flixbus.

Logo Grab


Everyone knows Uber. However, do you know, that there is a cheaper and more popular alternative? Always use Grab in Asia.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads logo

World Nomads

World Nomads is great insurance for traveling. They have great customer service, competitive prices, and in-depth coverage. They are also recommended by Lonely Planet and National Geographic so you know they are good. Don’t travel without insurance!

True Traveller logo

True Traveller

True Traveller is more budget-friendly travel insurance. It’s very popular among backpackers. It’s only available for residents from European Economic Area countries.

Tours and Entrance Tickets

GetYourGuide logo


GetYourGuide is a popular portal where you can book various guided tours. GetYourGuide also provides entrance tickets to museums, theme parks, and other attractions.

Viator logo


Viator is another good alternative to GetYourGuide. You can compare prices on both websites and some offers are only available on GetYourGuide and some only on Viator.


Revolut logo


Revolut is a payment credit card for traveling. We have been using it ourselves for several years and it saved us a lot of money. Among the biggest advantages are free ATM withdrawal, good exchange rates, and account management in many world currencies. Read our Complete Revolut Review.



Wise is an excellent option for sending money from one country to another. Transfer using Wise will cost you less than a regular international bank transfer most of the time. You can also get a debit card with TrasferWise account. Read our Complete Wise Review.

Curve card


Curve is another great service for traveling. It allows you to combine all your payment cards into one. Therefore it frees up space in your wallet and you don’t have to remember multiple PIN numbers. Read our Complete Curve review.