How to find cheap flights?

Cheap flights – the best search engine

We recommend using a search engine for cheap flights. It usually finds the best deals.

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Do you have dates but not destination?

If you want to choose a destination based on the flight ticket price, search engine can be a good alternative. It has a good feature for searching on a map. You can choose a radius of the surroundings and the search engine will find you, for example, tickets not only from Prague but also from Bratislava or Vienna. You can also set a radius for your destination and find cheap flights for example to all of Spain.

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Low-cost flight tickets

We recommend using search engine for searching low-cost flights. AZair can find great deals, you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Just be careful, most of the low-cost airlines don’t include checked luggage in the ticket price.

Also note that if you find flights with a transfer, you will need to buy tickets separately and you are not guaranteed to make the transfer in case of delay. Therefore, have a sufficient time range for the transfer.

AZair - cheap flights

Cheap flights in and to Asia

If you are looking for flights in Asia or to Asia, you can find the best deals on Momondo search engine.


General tips for finding flight tickets

  • The lowest prices are usually 2 to 3 months before departure.
  • Search for cheap flights using the incognito window. Otherwise, search engines often remember your previous search and they will offer higher prices when you search again.
  • Fly outside of the high season and avoid public holidays (for example, tickets are several times more expensive over Easter).
  • Choose a destination by ticket price. There are cheap flights to different destinations every year.
  • Try more different search engine language mutations. Often prices vary slightly.
  • Return tickets are usually significantly cheaper than two one-way tickets (doesn’t count for low-cost flights).
  • If you are looking for a one-way transfer flight, you can find this flight as a multi-city return flight. It could be cheaper.

More tips:

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