Naples – In the Shadow of History, at the Foot of Vesuvius

Naples, a city vibrant with life and rich in colors and scents, distinctively sets itself apart from Rome, Milan, Florence, and other Italian cities. A free walking tour in Naples offers a fresh perspective on Italy. Wander through its picturesque streets, taste authentic Neapolitan pizza, immerse in its tumultuous history, and experience the Italian temperament. Before diving into exploration, check in our article what to see and where to go to truly understand Naples. We highlight must-see attractions in this captivating city.

What to See in Naples?

Famed as a city of castles, Naples rightly earns this nickname with its seven fortresses. These relics harken back to pre-unified Italy, when the Apennine Peninsula was a battleground of states, with the Kingdom of Naples playing a pivotal role. A tour of these fortifications offers a glimpse into Naples’ turbulent history. In Castel Nuovo, you will be able to uncover a rich art collection, while Castel Sant’Elmo boasts breathtaking views. A must-visit in the city center is Piazza Municipio, home to the baroque Fountain of Neptune. Nearby lies Piazza del Plebiscito, a vast square housing the Royal Palace and the world’s oldest continually operating opera house, Teatro San Carlo. Another charming place is Piazza Bellini, where history meets modernity, featuring atmospheric bars and cafes amidst ancient ruins from the city’s early days. Walk through the city’s main artery, Via Tribunali, which leads to landmarks like the God Nile statue and Pulcinella Mask. Descent below street level to reveal Naples’ Roman origins and explore the underground city. There are many churches to visit in Naples. For a taste of the city’s contrasts, visit the Gesu Nuovo Church, with its monochromatic volcanic stone façade and opulent, art-rich interior. The beautifully adorned cloisters in Santa Chiara Church and the Veiled Christ sculpture in Sansevero Chapel are breathtaking must-sees.

Experiencing Naples’ Atmosphere

To capture Naples’ essence, explore Quartieri Spagnoli, the Spanish quarter, with traditional stalls, bars, and restaurants. Stroll down Via Spaccanapoli, dividing the city, and the festive San Gregorio Armeno street. Italy’s famed cuisine owes much to Naples, the birthplace of Neapolitan pizza; you must try the minimalist yet flavorful Margherita – mirroring the Italian flag with tomato, mozzarella, and basil. Local culinary mastery lies in using top-notch ingredients and age-old techniques. Besides pizza, savor other local delicacies like Ragù Napoletano, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, Spaghetti alle Vongole, and Parmigiana di Melanzane, not to mention artisanal ice cream and aromatic coffee.

Free Walking Tour – the best way to discover Naples

Some fall in love with Naples at first sight, others feel overwhelmed by its specific chaos. Enhance your visit by joining a local Walkative! guide who knows the city best. Our free walking tours, with no set fee, allow you to decide the value of the experience and your guides’ work, gaining insights beyond typical sources and understanding local life.