Czech Republic Currency & Money: TIPs for travelers in Prague

The national currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (Česká Koruna). International abbreviation for Czech Crown is CZK, Czech abbreviation is . Although the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, we decided to keep our national currency.

Czech Coins and Banknotes

1 crown consists of 100 halers. Halers are not used anymore; it is calculated with them only in cashless/card transactions. You can pay by card at the majority of places but not everywhere. Therefore, it’s always good to have some Czech money in cash.

Coins: 1 CZK, 2 CZK, 5 CZK, 10 CZK, 20 CZK, 50 CZK

Czech coins are easy to recognize. The bigger the coin size, the higher the value.

Banknotes: 100 CZK, 200 CZK, 500 CZK, 1000 CZK, 2000 CZK, 5000 CZK

Czech banknotes also have different sizes – same as coins, the bigger they are, the higher the value. But don’t worry about the size. I bet you will primarily look at numbers.

Czech Republic Currency - coins.
Czech Republic Currency – coins

CZK Exchange Rate

You can check the current exchange rate of the Czech Crown (automatically updated):

  • 1 EUR = 25.78 CZK
  • 1 USD = 23.10 CZK
  • 1 GBP = 29.37 CZK

If you need to find out exchange rates of other currencies, you check currency converter here.

It is also handy to download an app: XE Currency Converter & Exchange Rate Calculator. Thanks to this app you can always see what the actual price of goods is – converted to your currency.

5 Tips for Travelers – Czech Currency

These are precious insider TIPs how to save money in Prague:

1. Best way to get Czech money: Use ATM

ATMs are the best way to get Czech money. Always look for an ATM of some BANK with a big name: e.g. KBC, Erste, Société Génerale/Komerční Banka, UniCredit, Česká Spořitelna, AirBank, Mbank, Equa Bank, Raiffeisen, etc.

Always avoid Euronet ATMs!!! They target tourists and have terrible commissions – up to 35 % and very bad exchange rates! These ATMs can be found all around Europe at touristic places including Prague. What a scam!

2. Prague Money Exchange Offices and Rates

You should be aware of money exchange offices, especially in Prague city center. Often you can see a giant sign 0% commission. This is a little bit of a Prague Scam. Always look at the exchange rate! Usually, the exchange rate between CZK and EUR is around 25 CZK per 1 EUR. At these offices, you can often see their exchange rate as bad as 15 CZK per 1 EUR. It means that you would lose nearly half of the money value due to their extremely bad exchange rates!

Exchange officies to AVOID in Prague:

  • Chequepoint – Blue sign with a flower instead of letter “O”
  • Interchange – red color
  • Western Union signs on exchange offices (Usually yellow color and blue sign, or orange color and white sign).

Don’t go to these places, unless you want to lose your money. Always check the “spread“ – the difference between buy and sell exchange rate. The higher the spread – the worse the money exchange.

But not all exchange offices are that bad, there are also credible currency exchanges where you can get Czech money for a good deal.

Where to change money in Prague? – Honest places in Prague City Center

  • Near Wenceslas Square (Václavské Náměstí)

Visitor Change Na Můstku 404/2. This exchange is on the left side of the visitor center.
Opening hours: Daily 09:00–19:00 

  • Near Old Town Square

At the corner of Maiselova and Kaprova street, you will find (Franz Kafka Square) Náměstí Franze Kafky 2. There is the Exchange office on the corner – big blue signs (Směnárna pro Čechy).
Opening hours: Daily 09:00 – 20:00

If you use a money exchange office in Prague, always remember:
Check the exchange rate and commission!

3. Pay by card

Most of the places – restaurants, shops, museums, hotels, and pubs accept cards. You will need cash to pay for public transport. Ticket machines accept coins. Cash will be handy also if you want to buy something at the market or some stall.

Small shops sometimes have a minimum amount for card payment. It is usually aroud 200 CZK (8 EUR).

BIG Money saving TIP: If the terminal asks you in which currency you want to be charged – always choose Czech Crowns. Otherwise, you lose some money for the exchange transaction.

Cards are widely accepted but you still might need some cash in Prague, Czech Republic Currency, Czech money
Cards are widely accepted but you still might need some cash in Prague

4. Payment by Euro

Although you can pay by Euro at some places (usually at restaurants in Prague), we wouldn’t recommend it. You usually receive change in Czech Crowns and the exchange rate tends to be worse than in a bank or ATM.

5. Don’t ever agree to change money in the street

It’s not such a common scam, but there are some bad people who would give you probably Belarusian Rubles instead of Czech Crowns. So please don’t ever exchange money in the streets of Prague.

Never agree to exchange money in Prague streets.  Czech Republic Currency.
Never agree to exchange money in Prague streets.

Czech currency cheat sheets

If you prefer tables, we have prepared for you a little currency “cheat sheet” for American Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR) and British Pound (GBP).


10 0.39200 7.76
20 0.78300 11.64
30 1.16400 15.52
40 1.55500 19.40
50 1.94600 23.28
60 2.33700 27.16
70 2.72800 31.04
80 3.10900 34.92
90 3.491000 38.80
100 3.882000 77.59

*Exchange rate is automatically updated


10 0.43200 8.66
20 0.87300 12.99
30 1.30400 17.32
40 1.73500 21.65
50 2.16600 25.98
60 2.60700 30.31
70 3.03800 34.64
80 3.46900 38.97
90 3.901000 43.30
100 4.332000 86.60

*Exchange rate is automatically updated


10 0.34200 6.81
20 0.68300 10.22
30 1.02400 13.62
40 1.36500 17.03
50 1.70600 20.43
60 2.04700 23.84
70 2.38800 27.24
80 2.72900 30.65
90 3.061000 34.05
100 3.412000 68.11

*Exchange rate is automatically updated.

Prague currency, Prague money

People often ask about the Prague currency – it is the Czech Crown. Prague is the Czech capital city.

FAQ about Czech money and currency

What is the currency in the Czech Republic? / What currency does Czech Republic use?

Czech Crown (CZK) – Koruna česká (Kč)

What currency is used in Prague?

Czech Crown (CZK) – Koruna česká (Kč). Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.

What is the best currency to use in Czech Republic?

Best currency to use in the Czech Republic is Czech Crown CZK. You can pay by Euro at some places but the exchange rate is usually not good.

Accommodation in Prague

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Tips for Day Trips from Prague

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