Discovering Arizona’s Hidden Gems: Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

“Arizona is gorgeous. The sunshine in Arizona is a gorgeous red.” – Cecilia Bartoli. With incredible outdoor activities and famous attractions, Arizona’s booming tourist industry post-pandemic offers something special to everyone. Last year, tourism expenditure in the state exceeded $28 billion, according to the Arizona Office of Tourism—an impressive sum that equates to around $77 million per day.

According to Josh Coddington from the Office of Tourism, there’s no shortage of activities people can find when they come here. Those looking for adventure have access to renowned hiking spots and camping sites; while those looking for more relaxed experiences are catered for with Wine Regions all over Tucson and Southern Arizona. Whatever experience tickles someone’s fancy, Arizona has it covered.  

Exploring Arizona’s Unique Landscapes

At Grand Canyon National Park adventurers can explore stunning vistas or enjoy a guided tour with an experienced outfitter company. Those looking for even more thrills should consider taking a jeep tour in Sedona or enjoying river float trips on the Colorado River.

Visit The USA (a tourism website) states that for those seeking a sense of nostalgia, travelers can also journey back to the Old West by visiting ghost towns and Historic Route 66 – known as Mother Road – and its many roadside attractions like Petrified Forest National Park or Kaibab Plateau.

In addition to all these exciting opportunities, visitors get an up close look into Native American history with tours through tribal lands and museums, as well as shops featuring jewelry and artwork created by more than 20 communities living throughout Arizona today. However you choose to experience it, Arizona provides limitless opportunities for unforgettable travel memories.

Fun and Unique Things to Do in Phoenix, Arizona

For those looking for a unique outdoor experience in Phoenix, they can visit the Desert Botanical Garden – situated beautifully within Papago Park – which hosts over 140 acres of plants from around the world. highlights that visitors may also want to see animals up close at one of the largest privately owned zoos in the United States.

The Phoenix Zoo tickets range from $37 for adults and $27 children respectively. If traveling with family or friends at night is preferred then Chase Field is sure not to miss. For art enthusiasts there’s always Heard Museum which showcases Native American work and progression through North America and beyond. Admission prices begin at $22 per person.

When vacationing towards Phoenix remember experiencing fun doesn’t come without risks. Travelers must be aware of any accidents that may get associated with their leisure activities. Due to this, it’s essential that you are prepared for any potential legal proceedings involved – especially when operating on golf carts, as these vehicles can cause more serious injuries than regular-sized automobile accidents. In such cases, it is advised to contact  Phoenix golf cart accident attorneys for help and legal advice immediately. 

Once you’re in Arizona – possibilities are endless. You can look forward to days filled with sunshine and make sure to take advantage of numerous activities the State has to offer. People traveling to Phoenix should consider visiting the Desert Botanical Garden, Heard Museum, Chase Field for night time attractions or the Phoenix Zoo when traveling during the day. Besides all of these attractions there are also much more activities to explore in this State of wonders.