19 Best Ways How to Manifest Someone to Text You (That Work)

Did you fell in love to your dream boy and just don’t know, how to make him text you? You have found the right place to read! We have prepared for you 19 ways, how to manifest someone to text you.

1) Calm your mind

Before you try to manifest anything, make sure that you have calmed and cleared your mind. This will help ensure that you are in the right state of mind to receive whatever it is that you are trying to manifest.

2) Get specific about what you want

You have to be clear. Who do you want to text you? Why exactly do you need a text from him? What do you want the message to say? The more specific you want or goal, the faster the universe will bring it to you.

3) Write down your exact need

Grab a pen and paper and physically write it down. Draft the exact message you want to receive, who it’s from, and when and why you want it. Don’t worry about your message being embarrassing or cheesy. No one will see it. Always use clear, concise and positive wording when you write. Also, by writing with your own hand you are using both sides of your brain which is far more effective for attracting than typing. Writing goals and desires out by hand is powerful.

4) Try the 369 method

This method forces you to focus on your intent throughout the day. Handwrite out your intent 3 times in the morning when your head is clear. In the afternoon, set aside time to clear your head again and write it 6 times. Then write it again 9 times before bed. The numbers 3, 6, and 9 are considered lucky numbers on their own. Together, they signify compassion, idealism, and creative expression.

19 Best Ways How to Manifest Someone to Text You (That Work)

5) Send yourself a text

This method mimics what you want to get for real text. Save your own phone number under the name of the person you want to text you. Type out the exact message you want to get and then send it to yourself. This method trains you to expect a message from this person. When you expect and believe something good will happen, the universe will give it to you. It sounds silly but if you actually have a conversation with yourself as if it was coming from the other person, your manifestation will come faster.

6) Visualize yourself receiving a text

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and meditate on the text. Try looking at your actual phone and visualizing a text coming through. Open up your messaging app and project all the details – emojis, memes, length – onto the screen.

7) The whisper method

Imagine yourself walking up to the person you want a text from. Picture them clearly, see their phone in their hand, and imagine they’re dying to text you. See yourself whispering “You’re going to text me” into their ear watching them type out a message.

It’s a very simple technique, but that’s what makes it so helpful. Simple things are easy to imagine and get excited about. You would be surprised how effective this method is as people have reported they actually hear or sense a voice telling them to do something, like send a text. You could also use the phrase like Billy, text Laura.

8) The pillow method

This is a good method to use when there’s no urgent deadline. Handwrite your intention or grab your original written desire. Read it to yourself and meditate on it for a few minutes at night, and then put it under your pillow while you sleep. Do this every night until you get the message you want.

19 Best Ways How to Manifest Someone to Text You (That Work)

9) Create good vibes with positive affirmations

Banish your limiting beliefs with declarations about what you deserve. Speaking your affirmations out loud and in the present tense is a quick and powerful way to signal to the universe that you’re ready to get what you want.

10) Put your phone down

Constantly checking your phone is a form of worrying. After your visualization or affirmations, put your phone away for a while and live your life. Do something you enjoy to keep the good vibes coming.

11) Feel the feelings

When you’re visualizing your manifestation, make sure to be in a quiet place in order to focus on how you want to feel. Do you want to feel loved? Appreciated? Understood? Happy? And think about how this would feel in real life.

12) Be patient

If you want something, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen right away. Sometimes, it takes a long time for things to line up just right. So, be patient and trust that it will happen when it’s meant to. While you wait, you could spend some time with your best friends or a family member to take your mind off of it.

19 Best Ways How to Manifest Someone to Text You (That Work)

13) Believe it’s possible

If you don’t believe that it’s possible to manifest what you want, then it probably won’t happen.

14) Feel the text for 17 seconds

Hold onto the feelings of receiving that text message for 17 seconds. It’s a very powerful step because according to spiritual leader Ester Hicks, she explained that 17 seconds of pure thought is the manifestation of a combustion point.

15) Crystals

The things that can definitely help you in speeding up the fulfillment of your wish are Crystals. Different Crystals can be used for achieving various goals. Crystals have one thing in common: they all carry a significant amount of energy that helps you raise your vibration and move it higher on the emotional guidance scale.

16) The dreamcatcher method

This method revolves around a legend from Native American culture about a spider named Spider Grandmother who dreams of all our pasts and futures. Use this technique for getting someone’s attention via texting, do not sleep at night until your cell phone rings. Make sure to go into dream catcher mode the moment you wake up in the morning, so your dreams are protected at night. Once again, after three days of this method and there is still no text from that person – it’s time to move on.

19 Best Ways How to Manifest Someone to Text You (That Work)

17) The rubber band method

A slightly different approach than The pillow or Dreamcatcher methods can be done by using a rubber band wrapped around your index finger. This method can help by manifesting someone who makes your heart flutter! By placing a rubber band around your index finger, you will attract that person into your life because subconsciously you’ll know something isn’t right if things are out of place – just like putting on an elastic bracelet when one breaks.

18) The sticker method

The first part of this method involves writing out what you hope for on a sticky note – such as “I want (person) to text me!” Then place the note somewhere under your coffee mug or inside your purse so there are no distractions. Every day before going about your business make sure to do whatever action will be necessary in order to get that person who has been occupying space in your brain all up in there. For example, if they’re really active on social media, try commenting on their pictures over and over again until they finally text you.

19) The phone visualization technique

This method allows you to visualize who will text you and when they will do it in order to create an opportunity where they can contact you. So, get your phone and set the wallpaper background on your phone screen to be whatever photo or design it is that represents this person. Then go into the ringtone (or vibrate) and select whatever ringtone best suits them like their favorite song or sound effect. Make sure the volume of this ringtone is loud enough so you can hear it from your pocket or purse. After that, just read the following out loud: “Thank you for this wonderful person coming into my life soon and being ready to text me with their message of ————– (insert whatever information they will provide here).”

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How to Manifest Someone to Text You

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