27 Great Ways How to Comfort Someone over Text (That Help)

Do you have someone, who is grieving and want to help her/him? You have found the right place! In this article, you will find ways how to comfort someone over text that will cheer her/him up.

1) Call if you can

Call can help show your true emotions and comfort to your friend and will help you gauge what they need help with and how they are feeling. Of course, that’s not always possible to make/receive calls but in the first instance, consider a call before a text.

2) Actually send a text message

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s not sufficient, so that you don’t send a message at all. People remember who wasn’t there for them in hard times. So don’t be that person. Make contact in any way you can.

3) Be honest

There is nothing wrong with being honest and starting your text with saying ‘I don’t have the words’, ‘I don’t know what to say to you’. But you are still trying.

4) Make it about them

Your friend is going through a tough time. They don’t need to hear that your microwave won’t work and your boss is an idiot right now. Unless of course they ask, then it’s okay to share but just pass it through a filter of ‘is this even a problem in the grand scheme of things right now’.

27 Great Ways How to Comfort Someone over Text (That Help)

5) Show them you understand

If you’re been in the same situation before, tell them you ‘understand what they are going through right now’ or if you haven’t, say ‘I can’t even imagine what you are going through right now’. Put yourself in their shoes right now – what would you want to, or need to hear from your friend?

6) Offer help

Offers of help are great, but go the extra step and take initiative, with assistance like ‘I’m dropping into the store first thing in the morning, let me know what I can pick up for you’. If you know what they need, just arrange it and tell them you’ve got it covered. One less thing on their plate to worry about it right now.

7) Be there for them

This might make your friend feel more comfortable reaching out. Text your friend that you’re always there for them so that they feel less alone and know they can go to you when they’re struggling. For example, you can text ‘I’m here for you no matter what’ or ‘You’ve always got me.’

8) Don’t talk about it

Your friend might not be ready to talk about their feelings. Putting pressure on them might make them feel anxious, so let them know they don’t have to just yet. Hearing that you’ll be there when they’re ready will make them feel a lot more comfortable and understood.

27 Great Ways How to Comfort Someone over Text (That Help)

9) Send photos of you and them

Text your friend a picture of the two of you having a great time. If your friend is struggling with depression, they might have a hard time remembering the good times they’ve had. You could even add something like, ‘Can’t wait to do this again!’ This will let them know that you’re excited to keep making plans and hang out more in the future.

10) Write favorite things about them

Let your friend know what you love about them. Your friend might be struggling with their self – esteem or worrying that you don’t like them anymore. Make sure that they know how much you love them with a reassuring compliment.

11) Send funny pictures

Send over a meme, a cute animal picture, or a humorous GIF. Your friend might just need a break to laugh and be a little silly with you. Even if they’re struggling, they’ll appreciate your effort to make them smile. Whatever you decide to send, keep the humor lighthearted and positive.

12) Ask if you can come over

Show your friend that you’re always happy to be by their side. Offer to come over and hang out. Your friend may not be up for it, but it’ll make them feel better to know that you’re willing to shop up for them like this.

27 Great Ways How to Comfort Someone over Text (That Help)

13) Try to guess their emotions

People like being heard. So, when you try guessing how your loved one feels, they feel greatly consoled even when you guess wrong. It can also lead them to clarify what they feel which furthers the conversation.

14) Remind them of how amazing they are

When struggling, most people tend to look at their failures more which makes them feel worse. But if someone shows them how awesome they are, it makes them feel better. You can make someone feel better by texting; ‘I know you’re going through a rough time right now but I want to remind you of how amazing you are-’.

15) Send some uplifting quotes

After some time listening to someone’s problems and validating their struggles, you can use powerful quotes to make a person smile.

16) Ask what’s on their mind

‘What’s on your mind right now?’ A text as simple as that can help someone relieve their brain of the thought overload they’ve had in their crisis.

27 Great Ways How to Comfort Someone over Text (That Help)

17) Ask them how they’re feeling

‘How are you feeling right now?’ Just like asking what they’re thinking about, inquiring over their feelings lets them know that you care and gives you space to console them.

18) Ask them how you can help

They’ve shared their problems, they’ve told you their opinion over their plight, and how they’ve been feeling. Now what? Offer your help. So let them know they can be free to ask for help from you.

19) Write up some poetry

If your friend loves poetry, it’s time to make an artistic move. You can create a poem of your own about them or check uplifting poems online. It could be about how amazing they are or and encouragement that they can overcome or any other uplifting direction seeming fit for you.

20) Send them some jokes

A laugh could surely make someone feel better. You need to ask for permission though so you’re not met with cold resentment. A text message like, ‘Hey I know you’re going through tough times, so I want to try making you smile with some silly jokes, would you let me?’ Send funny jokes that align with your friend’s sense of humor.

27 Great Ways How to Comfort Someone over Text (That Help)

21) Text them with gifs

When texting, GIFs bring the word to life by making it possible to express yourself in the body language you’d use during in person conversations.

22) Convince them to chat with emojis

Visuals can lighten moods by a great deal. Moreover, they can distract someone quickly enough to make them feel better. You can begin with a couple holding hands (if you’re a couple), or two people holding hands if you’re together and give emoji chatting a shot.

23) Avoid using clichés

‘Everything happens for a reason’ or ‘It was just his time’ might work on a sympathy card, but it’s terrible as a text to comfort a friend. You might mean well, but it’s likely the tenth time today your friend got that same message.

24) Do not romanticize the situation

Never invalidate whatever your friend is going through by romanticizing the situation because that is the last thing your friend would want to hear. If your friend is dealing with a loss of a loved one, do not say the loved one has gone to a better place.

25) Make them feel understood

If you were in your friend’s shoes, you would want a friend who understands how difficult it can be to deal with sorrow. Comfort your friend by letting them feel that they are being genuinely understood.

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How to Comfort Someone over Text

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