27 Great Ways How to Tell a Girl You Like Her (That Work)

Do you like some girl and struggle to find a way, how to let here know? You have found the right place. We have prepared for you a list of ways how to tell a girl you like her.

1) Send her letter or cute notes

If you like it old school, send her letters. It’s the easiest way to tell her how you feel, especially if you are a bit shy or afraid. Or write what you feel on sticky notes and stick them to places/walls from a starting point until she arrives at where you are located.

2) Ask her out

One way to let her know that you like her is to ask her out. You can just be chill about it and tell her “Hey you know what? I really like you, do you wanna go for a lunch sometime?”. If she says yes, then good for you. If she says no, then at least you took your chance.

3) Surprise her with a midday delivery

Nothing is sweeter when a man remembers you in the middle of the day and lets you know that he’s thinking about you. You can simply send her a snack, coffee, maybe something to eat – really anything – it’s the thought that counts. The point here is you letting her know that you’re thinking about her. For sure the girl that you like will be touched, and she will get a hint that you like her.

4) Spend time together

A key factor to telling a girl you like her with a low risk of rejection is by actually hanging out with her. You may need to start out small: simple conversations, going out together with a group of friends or taking the dog for a walk together. Once you both have had a time getting to know each other and discover that chemistry exists, you can start asking her out for coffee and lunch one on one.

How to tell a girl you like her

5) Find out what she likes

Does she like for example chocolate, red color, or flowers? Find out what makes her smile and then do it. Not only will she remember this as a nice gesture, but she will be more open to getting to know you better.

6) Hand-written letters

Be yourself, write how you feel about her, and as if friends and family may read the note, because they will indeed, which is part of the romance and event of manning up and coming forward to show your feelings.

The gesture of writing, stamping, and mailing a hand-written letter is a powerful and personal way to deliver any message, especially since today is so saturated with swiping, texting, and e-mailing in such electronic and impersonal ways. So, take to pen and paper, and write your own handwriting to tell her that you like her. She will feel so special singled out by your one-of-a-kind personal gesture.

7) Drop some hints

Tell her about a pretty flower you saw that made you think of her at the park today. If you give enough hints as to how you’re feeling, she’ll be better prepared for when you tell her you like her. And if she smiles and laughs, it’s a good sign!

8) Set a deadline for yourself

If you’ve been thinking about this girl for a while, try setting a deadline for when you’re going to tell her that you like her. It will give you the motivation you need. To really hold yourself accountable, try writing it down in your planner or setting a reminder on your phone.

27 Great Ways How to Tell a Girl You Like Her (That Work)

9) Tell her in person, if possible

If you two are friends, ask her out. If you don’t know her that well, try to catch her when she’s by herself at school or work. You don’t have to be completely isolated, but try not to confess your feelings around a group of friends.

10) Ask her if she likes you

If she’s been giving you hints but you aren’t exactly sure, ask her if she has feelings for you. She might be a little nervous to answer this question, so you can reassure her with your feelings right afterward. This is a nice way to test the waters if you’re nervous.

11) Ask to be more than friends

Make your intentions clear as you confess your feelings. Instead of just saying you like her, you can ask her if she’d be open to dating you (or even becoming your girlfriend). For example, ask her: “Have you ever thought about being more than friends?”

12) Tell her you can’t stop thinking about her

Let her know how much she really means to you. If the chemistry between you two is really strong, this is a good option to choose. You can even throw a few other compliments in there, like: “I just can’t get you off my mind. I think I have feelings for you.”

27 Great Ways How to Tell a Girl You Like Her (That Work)

13) Make eye contact and smile

When you make eye contact, you prove you’re locked into her. With a smile, you’re saying you enjoy her company. If she reciprocates your feelings, she might do the same in return. Always focus on body language, since it often says more than words.

14) Compliment on her appearance

A bold compliment on her physical appearance is a powerful way to let her sense that you find her attractive. If you don’t feel like complimenting a girl on her body, you can compliment her on her looks (her frees, her shoes, her T-shirt, and so on).

15) Compliment on her attitude

You can compliment her on the way she walks, on the way she laughs, on the way she looks at you or on the way she arranges her hair.

16) Touch her

Physical contact is a powerful tool to make a girl feel that something is going on between you. So, touch her after you say something funny, you can touch her also while complimenting her, you can touch her hand in order to read her palms or play, you can touch her when inviting her to sit down.

27 Great Ways How to Tell a Girl You Like Her (That Work)

17) Dance with her

Girls like dancing with their partner. It’s very effective in making her feel that something is going on between you. When you dance with her, you can play with her. You can pull towards you in a firm and dominant way, then push her away while looking her right in the eyes, then pull her again and bring her body against yours, and so on.

18) Ask her if she’s single

During the conversation, you can ask the girl if she is single, or if she has a boyfriend. This question is going to make her understand that you find her sexually attractive. This is going to make her see you as a potential lover, and not just as a potential friend.

19) Don’t do it randomly

You can’t just walk up to a girl that you’ve never or barely ever talked to and just blurt out you like her. If you do this, she’ll just be creeped out because she doesn’t even know you, and you don’t even know her. If you tell a girl you like her when you hardly know, she only thinks you like her for her looks and that can be a creepy thing on her end.

20) Get to know her better

Ask her questions when she talks about a certain activity she does, and find out more about her. Not only will she feel more comfortable opening up to you this way, but you’ll get the chance to see if you really like her.

27 Great Ways How to Tell a Girl You Like Her (That Work)

21) Get to know her friends

If you don’t get to know her friends and you tell her you like her, her friends are going to be very suspicious of you since they have no idea who you are. So, you have to get to know them, too. Having her friends know you and like you makes it much easier to tell her you like her.

22) Become friends with her

The best way to not seem creepy when you tell a girl you like her is to become her friend first. All relationships and romances begin with friendship. Of course, become her friend because you like her and the person she is. Don’t be the guy who gets friendly with a girl only to get into her pants, only to ignore her or get with her because she doesn’t have feelings for you.

23) Talk to her

Talk to her. Let her know that she is more than just a pretty face to you. Show her that you enjoy her intellect, her humor. When you respect who she is as a person, she’ll be more willing to let her guard down and you can let her know that you’ve been eyeing her.

24) Keep contact

If you’ve managed to be her friend, then you’ve probably secured her phone number, and you’re probably connected on social media. If you get her number, it makes it much easier for you to keep in touch with her when you’re not in person.

27 Great Ways How to Tell a Girl You Like Her (That Work)

25) Flirt with her from time to time

Flirting with a girl that you like makes it much easier for you to tell her that you like her. Tease her, joke with her, and keep eye contact when talking with her and that’ll prompt some fun flirting.

26) Be respectful of her decision

She might like you back, or he might not. Rejection is never fun to deal with, and it doesn’t mean you aren’t a likable person – you two just weren’t meant to be. You can continue being friends, or you can take some time for yourself to get over your feelings if you need to.

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