Where to Book Short Term Lets in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular destinations in Asia and is regarded as the safest country for visitors. Real estate businesses in Singapore understand many people are only passing through or staying short-term, which is why there are plenty of available properties to choose from. However, with there being such high availability, it can be difficult to choose where to book, which is why we’ve put together this handy list.


PropertyGuru has been around since 2006 when two entrepreneurs started the company, which is widely known in Singapore. They have won countless awards over the years, including “Best E-Enterprise Company”. On their website, you will find a wide range of hdb rental properties, which are subsidized by the government. Further, if you’re looking to extend your stay, they have many options for buying that can be ideal when emigrating for work.


Figment has tapped into a niche market in Singapore by offering high-end shophouses, which are perfect for co-living. These boutique rooms are located right in the center of Singapore and are purposely sourced from the richest neighborhoods. Because of Figment’s unique offerings, you will never find two similar properties. Whichever property you decide on, you will never be far away from the CBD, especially thanks to the incredible metro system throughout the city.


If you’re just passing through Singapore and need a fully furnished room, HomeAway is your best option. Their selection of homes is all smartly picked and situated near popular tourist attractions, which makes them perfect for experiencing the Singaporean culture. The option for monthly rental periods lends itself perfectly for travelers, who can turn Singapore into their base for Asian exploration.


Airbnb is globally recognized and has properties available worldwide. The properties available are all managed by hosts, and many of them are rooms inside family homes. Airbnb is the perfect option for people looking for extremely short stays – we’re speaking weeks. However, if you need to extend your stay by a few months, you’re bound to find an accommodating property. As well as providing an extensive range of properties, you will also find city guides on their website, which include information on everything from the best restaurants to transport options.


NestPick is perfect for people who have particular tastes and struggle to choose a property. They have a large catalog of whole unit rental properties across Singapore, which include villas, condos, townhouses, and apartments. Whether you need a property for three months or a year, you will find them all equipped with the home comforts you need. Given their size and features, NestPick’s properties are perfect for families and people doing business, who are looking to relax after a long day of exploration or working.


Commontown has a unique offering of co-living properties, which are all based around a community of friendly residents and comfortable living. Also, there are private rooms available, if you’d rather unwind in solitude. Either way, you can enjoy the luxury of a hostel-like community while paying rent monthly. This option is a great way to meet new people at an affordable price, as their properties primarily attract backpackers and other tourists.

Cove Living

Cove Living boasts some of the most affordable property prices in Singapore, and they all come fully furnished, which is a bonus. Their contract availability will cover every need, whether you need to stay for a month or a year. As well as having a huge range of quality properties, they give renters the option to stay alone or find a flat mate. You may be concerned about moving in with a stranger, especially in a foreign country. However, every flat mate is thoroughly vetted to ensure your safety.


Booking.com is perfect for those looking for a short vacation, as they have a large selection of hotels, villas, and holiday homes. The properties offered by Booking generally have competitive prices, which makes them perfect for tourists. Further, the more you book through their site, the cheaper options you receive through their “Booking Guru” loyalty scheme. As well as booking your property, you can rent cars, book transfers, and gain access to discounted attractions. Essentially, everything you need as a tourist in Singapore can be achieved through Booking.com.

Singapore is a busy country full of tourists, professionals, and expats of all shapes and sizes. Local real estate businesses understand this, which is why they all provide short-term lets. Choosing where to book will come down to your tastes and needs, which you can easily pair with the sites above.