Top 5 attractions in Kraków – Poland

In the heart of the European continent

Europe is rich in art and magnificent architecture. The capitals of countries such as France, Italy or even England are known all over the world. We dream of traveling to Germany or Vienna and we are constantly in awe of the landscape of Scandinavian countries. Nevertheless, it’s worth digging a little deeper and deciding on a less obvious travel destination. The east of the continent is by far its most underrated part.

Poland is certainly one of the most intriguing countries in that area. It stands out for its long history, picturesque villages, and, above all, unique landscapes. Lovers of communing with nature find themselves perfectly at home here and enjoy exploring green areas untouched by human activity. Extensive forests, primeval forests, lakes, natural fauna and flora are the perfect answer to the question of whether it is worth traveling to Poland. However, tourists are most likely to choose to visit large cities, where they combine standard sightseeing with great entertainment. Krakow is one of them!

Where tradition meets art

Few people know that Krakow was once the capital of Poland. This place was the seat of kings and the most important cultural environment. Today the city is visited eagerly by tourists with an artistic soul, by those who can appreciate the beauty of the local architecture and nature. There are many distinguishing features of Krakow, but some of them are particularly memorable.

The food

Polish cuisine is great. The dishes are not sophisticated, but their uniqueness lies primarily in their simplicity. Tasty meats, vegetables, mushrooms and aromatic herbs – there is no shortage of these in the local kitchens. On every corner you will eat the famous pierogi here, or obwarzanek –  a braided ring-shaped bread.

People of Krakow

Poles are primarily known for their hospitality. Cracovian residents are open to tourists and are eager to help. It is worth adding that most people there speak English, and communication with them runs smoothly.

Unique atmosphere

Krakow is definitely a city of sensations. There is a friendly and warm atmosphere here. On the street we pass smiling couples, families with children and students. There are many attractions in Krakow that will make your stay more pleasant and make you want to come back soon.

Attractions  in Kraków – a list of 5 must-sees

Arriving in Krakow, most often we cannot decide which places to see, and which are better to let go. Museums, the old city, or perhaps new construction? Here is a list that will certainly make your choice easier.

1. The Wieliczka Salt Mine

Top 5 attractions in Kraków – Poland

Admittedly, Wieliczka is a separate town, but the mine is located only a few kilometers from Krakow. This place will take you to the mysterious world of salt beneath the earth’s surface. Historic chandeliers, chapels and mine shafts are just some of the attributes of the place. You will find here many attractions for families with children. It is worth adding that the salt mine acts as a kind of spa – it works wonderfully on the respiratory tract. The air, free from bacteria and pollution, serves our body. You can find out more here – krakow salt mine tour.

Also, it’s a great option for sightseeing in autumn and winter, when temperatures in Poland drop diametrically. In the mine it is constantly around 17-18 degrees.

2. Wawel Castle

Top 5 attractions in Kraków – Poland

It is definitely worth spending even a whole day at the Wawel Castle. It is a place that several hundred years ago was the seat of kings. The very hill on which the building is set arouses a lot of excitement. This is because, according to legends, it was inhabited by dragons. The most beautiful parts of the castle are undoubtedly the royal chambers, the treasury, the cathedral and the courtyard. On display there are a multitude of exhibitions showing court life at the time. The works of art there are also awe-inspiring.

3. The Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)

It is one of the city’s most recognizable icons. Its history begins in 1257, when the then prince undertook to erect a stone building to serve the cloth merchants. Hence the name – Cloth Hall from the trade in cloth, which was allowed only there. Today there are two museums here – the first is a gallery of 19th-century art, and the second is related to the history of the square. Today you can buy souvenirs, expensive gold and silver jewelry or even amber here.

4. Auschwitz-Birkenau

Auschwitz-Birkenau museum

The German concentration camp is by far one of the hardest places to visit in Poland. To this day, it is also the most recognizable symbol of genocide in the world. A visit to the extermination site is a tough but essential history lesson. You may be shocked by the remnants of the events that took place there. One of them, for example, is the hair of prisoners displayed behind glass. You will also see a huge book with names of people who died in Auschwitz.

Tourists claim that it is good to plan the visit in autumn. It is worth remembering that it is not recommended to bring children under 14 there. Before you arrive, plan ahead Auschwitz tour from Krakow.

5. The Princes Czartoryski Museum

It is most well known and most popular museum in Krakow. This place houses an exquisite collection of furniture, porcelain, crystal, antiques and most important – works of art. Various exhibitions attract tourists from all over Europe. Here you will see, among others, the work of Leonardo da Vinci – The lady with an Ermine. You’ll also find a stunning sculpture of a Chinese dragon, Egyptian sarcophagi and Rembrandt  Landscape with the Good Samaritan.

In conclusion…

Among many attractions in Krakow, there are some you can’t pass by indifferently. The city offers us places that will interest both the knowledge-thirsty traveler and the impetuous teenager. Don’t hesitate and organize your trip to Eastern Europe today!

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