16 Best Things to Do in Kauai You Will Never Forget

Best Things to Do in Kauai

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday, then look no further than Kauai, one of Hawaii’s most captivating islands. From hikes to helicopter tours, cruises to stunning beaches, and unforgettable scenery, Kauai has something to offer both those looking for adventure and those looking to relax. Here are the 16 best things to do in … Read more

10 Best California Wineries You Have To Visit

10 Best California Wineries

Wine tourism is becoming popular with every passing year and has so much to offer to the tourist. Apart from the gorgeous gardens, it is the thrill of discovering and tasting new varieties of wines that attracts tourists. The restaurants at wineries run on the concept of farm-to-table food, menus, and dishes, making sure that … Read more

13 Best Weekend Getaways from Florida

13 Best Weekend Getaways from Florida (1)

Florida is an enviable vacation destination, with a gorgeous climate, vibrant cities, and an extraordinary diversity of natural environments across the length and breadth of the state. Millions of tourists and travelers flock to Florida every year from the rest of the United States and around the world. For native Floridians, their home state is … Read more

11 Best Surfing Beaches in California for World-Class Waves

11 Best Surfing Beaches in California

As the birthplace and capital of the surfing culture in the US, there are countless surfing beaches in California. The expansive coastline of California is home to some of the best surfing spots in the world, which is enough reason to go surfing in the state. In California, surfing has become a way of life … Read more

23 Best Places to visit on Westcoast Roadtrip USA

Your Ultimate Guide to the top National Parks in the US. Make your western US road trip unforgettable! What are the best places to visit on west coast USA?

Make your western US road trip unforgettable! What are the best places to visit on Westcoast roadtrip USA? Bring your friends with you, share a car and make it one of the best experiences of your life. Honestly, we have never seen more beautiful places than on the west coast of the United States. Such … Read more

Bodie State Historic Park – Guide to California’s Ghost Town

Bodie State Historic Park Ghost Town California

Bodie State Historic Park is a genuine California gold-mining ghost town, where you can walk down the deserted streets of a city that once had a population of nearly 10,000 people and fell a true atmosphere from wild western movies. In this article, you can find all the important information you need to know before … Read more

25 Best Things to See in Yellowstone National Park

Národní park Yellowstone: Kompletní průvodce – rady, tipy i nejkrásnější místa

Yellowstone National Park is a true natural wonderland. The world’s oldest national park sits on top of a giant supervolcano. There is over 60 % of all world’s geysers and about 10,000 other geothermal features. There are simply so many beautiful things to see in Yellowstone National Park that you should rather plan a longer … Read more

Work and Travel USA: Yellowstone National Park

Work and Travel - Yellowstone

Work and Travel Yellowstone National Park is definitely a great experience! What are pros and cons, benefits and what you can expect? When we found out that we are accepted to Yellowstone National Park as Server Assistants, we were very happy. But we didn’t really expect that the summer will be so amazing! In the … Read more