13 Best Things to Do in Bangkok You Will Never Forget

13 Best Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand

It is not an exaggeration, but Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, stands as the city full of life and color. It always ranks high in most of the traveler’s check-lists and should be included in your Thailand itinerary. Bangkok has so much for everyone to see and do, that at some point, you might … Read more

23 Best Things to do in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Praktický průvodce po ostrově Koh Phangan, Thajsko. Nejkrásnější pláže, místa, ubytování, aktivity i tipy, jak se na ostrov nejlépe dostat.

Koh Phangan (Ko Phangan) is one of the beautiful Thai islands which is popular not only for its famous Full Moon Parties but also for more than 20 beautiful beaches, which offer a great place for relaxing and snorkeling. Koh Phangan offers a variety of activities where everyone will find something to do. Let’s have … Read more

25 Best Things to do in Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thajsko - praktický průvodce pro vaši cestu. Rady, tipy, nejhečí pláže, oblíbené aktivity, blog, doprava, ubytování + mapa s body ke stažení.

Koh Samui is a popular island for its beautiful beaches, nature, mountains, waterfalls and numerous temples. It’s the second-largest island in Thailand right after Phuket and popular island hopping destination. Koh Samui offers various activities and entertainment options, so everyone can enjoy it. We have prepared a list of the best things to do in … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Koh Mook Island, Thailand

Koh Mook Kayak

Koh Mook is a small picturesque island in the Andaman Sea. This idyllic island has a lot to offer: Beautiful white sandy beaches lined with tall coconut palm trees, and corals with rich underwater life. The treasure of the island is breathtaking Emerald Cave with the hidden lagoon. A large part of the island is … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Koh Tao, Thailand: Ultimate Guide

Koh Nang Yaun - nádherný malinký ostrůvek na který můžete z Koh Tao za několik minut dopádlovat nebo se tam svézt lodí

Koh Tao is one of the best places to visit in Thailand. It’s quite a small island (only 21 square kilometers) but you can find there a true underwater treasure. It is simply a diver’s paradise! Let’s discover the best things to do in Koh Tao! People from all over the world come to Koh Tao to get their … Read more

Ang Thong National Park, Thailand – Practical Information

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand - a perfect (multi) day trip from Koh Samui/ Koh Phangan. White sandy beaches, kayak tour among small islands

White sandy beaches, turquoise blue seas, limestone cliffs, and sparkling night swimming with bioluminescent plankton. This is Ang Thong National Marine Park – 42 small islands in Andaman sea, Thailand. It’s one of the last places which are still quite undiscovered by tourist hordes. The Ang Thong islands are less known and little bit less … Read more