15 Beautiful Tourist Spots in Cebu Island, Philippines

15 Best Tourist Spots in Cebu

The Philippines is such a beautiful country and Cebu is one of the most stunning islands to visit. Check our collection of 15 amazing tourist spots in Cebu. We have divided them into several categories – waterfalls, hiking trails, coastal towns and beaches, Cebu city, and surrounding islands. Enjoy your trip! Tourist spots in Cebu … Read more

5 Best Tourist Spots in Sagada, Philippines

Tourist Spots in Sagada - Hanging Coffins

Sagada is a magical place in the Mountain Province of the Philippines. It’s a very interesting village, which has a lot to offer. Whether you plan to visit the mystical aerial cemetery, so-called Hanging Coffins or stroll to a nearby waterfall, beautiful church, or explore Sagada Caves with a dose of adrenaline speleology! Let’s have … Read more

17 Amazing Tourist Spots in Luzon, Philippines: Ultimate Guide

17 Amazing Tourist Spots in Luzon, Philippines: Ultimate Guide 1

This comprehensive guide will take you through the most beautiful places and tourist spots in Luzon Island in the Philippines. You will find out the most important information like prices, transportation and how to get there, accommodation or the estimated time needed for visit. 1) Tourist Spots in Luzon – Rice terraces in Banaue & … Read more

9 Beautiful Tourist Spots in Mindanao You Have to Visit

Best Tourist Spots in Mindanao

Mindanao is the second-largest island in the Philippines and it’s still commonly known as the Southern Philippines. There are many beautiful tourist spots in Mindanao which will surely amaze every traveler who loves to explore and have fun. Exploring Mindanao can be very exciting especially if you’re the adventurous type of person. There are many … Read more

Wonderful Filipino story


Traveling as a backpacker and without specific plans is great because you can meet a lot of amazing people. For example, we have met one wonderful family nearby the Hundred Islands National Park in the Philippines. Friendly huge family We were sitting in the park, planning another trip and suddenly many people came to us and … Read more

Luzon Island, Philippines: Travel Guide and Best Places to Visit

Luzon Island, Philippines: Ultimate Guide and the Best Places to Visit

“Economy of tricycles and grilled sausages “ My imagination of Luzon island in the northern Philippines was an endless paradise of beaches and beautiful islands. The reality is pretty different. Experiencing non-touristic parts of the Luzon island truly opened my eyes. I felt like a first traveler, who came to the previously undiscovered areas. We … Read more