7 Most Famous Greek Landmarks You Should Visit

Most Famous Greek Landmarks

Greece is the birthplace of western civilization. The alphabet, philosophy, democracy, classical architecture, and the Olympic Games all began in Ancient Greece. Visiting Greece and popular greek landmarks, you have an opportunity to explore the landscape that inspired great thinkers and inventors. You can also admire surviving structures from Greece’s golden age. Let’s have a look … Read more

Balos Beach & Lagoon, Crete: Practical Tips for Your Trip

Balos Beach, Crete, Greece

Famous Balos Beach is truly a gem and one of the best beaches on Crete island. Turquoise water, white sand and the picturesque island of Tigani make perfect scenery. Balos belongs among the most beautiful places of the whole Mediterranean. I bet you already know its photos (it will show up among the first pictures … Read more