Vyhlídka Máj Viewpoint – Day trip from Prague, Czech Republic


One of the hidden gems of the Czech nature only 45 min. from Prague. Vyhlídka Máj viewpoint has its magic in a peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Vltava River and its meanders. It’s nice “horseshoe bend” but not the same as on river Colorado, it is much greener! The Vltava flows here between the cliffs of the Slapy dam.

Although the popularity of Vyhlídka Máj viewpoint is increasing, it still retains its natural beauty – you won’t find any railing there or artificial viewing deck. It is simply just a rock. It’s situated only 1 kilometer from Teletín village. The road leads through the meadow and it continues into the forest. You won’t find any pub, shop or stand. There are only a few parking spots, but you can leave your car on meadow nearby Teletín.

Overlook Máj

The viewpoint itself is really just a place on the rock. If you want to have the best view of the entire meandering, you have climb down a bit. Be careful! There is also another – slightly safer place, which is located to the left of the Vyhdlíka Máj viewpoint. All you need to get there is follow tiny footpath on the left, which leads little bit down the hill. There are usually fewer people so you can enjoy this beautiful canyon of the Vltava River in tranquility.

Vyhlídka Máj

Interesting facts and the little history

In the past, before the Slapy dam was built, the Vltava River was quite dangerous there due to fast rapids. All raftsmen who were bringing wood into the Prague were afraid of “Svatojánké” rapids.
Máj = May in English.

How to get to Vyhlídka Máj Viewpoint?

  • By Car – the easiest way to get there. You can park in the village of Teletín, a small car park can be found here: 49.8286244N, 14.4678408E; It’s more likely to be full, in that case, you can park on a meadow here: 49.8330381N, 14.4698525E or in some of the surrounding villages. There is a nice hike to the Bednář viewpoint as well, so you can leave your car in Vysoký Újezd and follow blue marking (later yellow) to Teletín waterfalls. Don’t expect any big waterfalls (it’s more like tiny cascades on the stream.
  • By Bus – You reach Teletín by bus which is going from Štěchovice to Benešov. Find your bus connection on IDOS.
  • By Bike – Why not prolong your Máj trip with a ride around the Slapy Water Reservoir? The surroundings of Slapy are very nice and rugged. You will not be alone who will come to the bike on the prospect

Where to go next?

If you want to hike to another viewpoint, we can recommend another beautiful one – Bednář viewpoint. You can also continue to Teletínské waterfalls (but really do not expect waterfalls, it is just a creek).

If you would like to go north from Máj, there is another viewpoint – Smetana’s overlook (you can get there by following the yellow mark in the other direction].

The Bednar viewpoint is located nearby the Máj viewpoint

Few tips before you visit Vyhlídka Máj Viewpoint

  • Take a map or GPS if you plan some hiking around. We recommend mapy.cz which has the best tourist maps you can find. Mapy.cz are available offline – you can download them for free to your mobile.
  • Don’t forget water – There is no pub or refreshment in Teletín.
  • You can plan your lunch in some of the villages nearby. The nearest pubs can be found in Nedvězí or Krňany.
The Bednář viewpoint - overlook to Třebenice
The Bednar viewpoint – overlook to Trebenice

Accommodation – where to stay near Máj?

You will find the nearest accommodation in Slapy area. It is a very nice water reservoir. A lovely pension is the Pension Janata. Do you want to try something unique? What about one night at Castle Lešany? It is not even expensive!

Accommodation in Prague

If you prefer to stay in Prague, we recommend Old Town Apartment Konviktska directly in the city center (5-minute walk from Charles Bridge) with a great owner and the best reviews. Book right now, because it’s popular and usually fully booked early.

Another great option is MOODs Charles Bridge.

If you prefer a cheap hostel, than go to The Republic Garden with a great location and good reviews.

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