Lake Wainamu Track: Beautiful Lake & Bethells Sand Dunes

Lake Wainamu is a beautiful lake located nearby Bethells Beach. It can be easily reached from Auckland. There is a very nice hike called Lake Wainamu Loop Track, as well as Sand Dunes, where you can have some sandboarding fun with your friends or kids. This makes the area a perfect spot for a day trip from Auckland.

Lake Wainamu – Track overview

  • Distance: 6,5 km (loop track); 1,5 km to the lake
  • Duration: 2 – 2,5 hours (loop track); 30 minutes to the lake
  • Distance from Auckland City Center: 50 minutes drive
  • Facilities on the track: There is a toilet by the lake in the sand dunes area

How to get to Lake Wainamu track entrance?

Type in your GPS: Lake Wainamu Car Park. The address is 224 Bethells Rd, Waitakere, Bethells Beach 0781.

From Waitakere: Take the Bethells Road and follow it all the way to the Wainamu Lake car park. In case there are no more parking places, you can try Te Henga Walkway Parking.

Wainamu Lake Loop Track

The track is very well marked and it starts at Lake Wainamu Car Park. There are two options to walk to the lake. You can choose either to follow the stream all the way to the lake or go across the sand dunes. It is a little bit shorter to go across the sand dunes.

Lake Wainamu Track
Lake Wainamu Track

If you turn to the right at the place on the picture above, you will go across the sand dunes. Later on, you will find a toilet on the right side, near the lake. It is only about 30 minutes walk from the car park to the lake.

Toilet at Wainamu Sand Dunes, nearby the lake
Toilet at Bethells Sand Dunes, nearby the lake

It takes about an hour to do the loop around the lake and another 30 minutes to come back to the car park. There is also a nice waterfall on the track.

Wainamu falls

Approximately in the middle of the loop, you can find the Wainamu Falls. Turn to a short side track, where the main track crosses the Wainamu Stream. In a while, you will come to the lower waterfall. You can also cross the stream and climb to the top – there is a little cascade.

Sand Dunes and sandboarding at Wainamu

Lake Wainamu is an ideal destination for sandboarding. Sand Dunes are steep enough to give you a chance to have some fun. Bring a sand board or body board and slide the dune with your friends or family. If you ride all the way down you will end up in a stream.

Lake Wainamu from Sand Dunes
Lake Wainamu from Sand Dunes

Outdoor map

We can also recommend downloading an outdoor map on your phone. Locus Map is our favorite Map app.


Geocache and loogbook
Geocache and loogbook

Have you ever heard of the Geocaching? It is a great “treasure hunt” outdoor game. There are several Geocaches in the Wainamu lake area. Fist you need to sign up to be able to find cache location. There is a nice series of Geocaches called Wainamu wandering. Enjoy Geocaching!

Check this nice video:

Where to go next?

The area around Bethells beach and lakes is very nice. You can make a trip for example to Te Henga Walkway, beautiful Mokoroa Falls or Muriwai Beach.

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