27 Ways How to Convince Your Parents (to Do All You Want)

Would you like to do or buy something and your parents are not willing to help? You have found the right place! In this article, you will find practical tips and ways how to convince your parents to do everything you want.

1) Talk about your request

Reflect on what you are asking for. Take a look at your financial means and decide how long would it take you to pay for it yourself. Also, consider if your request is something you want or something you really need. If you start losing interest in your new item, your parents won’t buy you what you want next time.

Do you want to be able to show it off to other people at school? Or do you want this because you think it will be fun and help you personally and mentally?

2) Be mature throughout the discussion

Always show your parents that you are a mature kid with good behavior. Don’t yell, demand, or argue with them if they seem doubtful at first. The more polite and reasonable you are, the more likely your parents will listen to you.

3) Let them think it is their idea

Parents like to think that they always have better ideas and ways than their kids. Since they want the best for their children, they have a hard time trusting their young ones’ ideas.

So just pretend to suggest an idea and let them decide on it. For instance, if you want to go camping, do not directly tell them that you want to do it. Instead, open up about how celebrity parents let their kids go camping to make them more independent and reliable.

4) Discuss the positive outcomes of your request

Explain how this is something that may have a positive side or may even help you learn more. If you are asking for an iPhone, explain how you can “facetime” with your parents or download educational apps. Explain how your parents will be able to reach you easier.

27 Ways How to Convince Your Parents (to Do All You Want)

5) First do something for your parents

This is one of the easiest ways to make your parents feel like wanting to do something for you even before you ask. Give them something first. It does not have to be physical. But it must be genuine and meaningful.

6) Remind them of the limited time they have with you

Remind your parents how little time they have left with you. They will feel fonder of you and feel like giving you more stuff. It is best to be indirect. Casually bring up the topic of where you are thinking of going to college. This will automatically remind them of the limited time they have with you.

7) Consider paying for part of it yourself

Most likely, your parents will appreciate that you offered to pay for a portion of it. This will also show your parents how dedicated you are to getting this item. If your parents ask you to pay for half of it, do not back out of your offer. Stick to your word and pay the share you promised.

8) Stay focused on your goal

Keep a mental picture of what you want in your head. Don’t lose sight of the prize: it’s the thing that keeps you going. If you do something impressive, like receive good grades on your report card, then take the opportunity to ask.

27 Ways How to Convince Your Parents (to Do All You Want)

9) Do something nice for your parents

To impress your parents, try to take on more responsibility at home. Get something for them that they have always wanted. For example, if your mom wants a special perfume, get it for her. Tell them you paid for it all by yourself. Parents love it when kids work hard for something. They will notice that you have your own money and that you can handle responsibility. When they’re in a great mood, mention to them what you would like to have.

10) Appeal to their emotions

Many parents are more responsive to emotional appeals than rational ones. If there is an aspect of what you want that will touch their heartstrings, emphasize it. For a parent, their child’s happiness is always a priority.

11) Give them an ultimatum

This should only be used as a last resort, but sometimes giving your parents an ultimatum can be effective. For example, if they refuse to let you go to the movies with your friends, you could threaten to not do your homework or chores until they change their mind.

12) Be respectful

It’s important to remember that your parents are the ones in charge and that you should always show them respect, even when you don’t agree with them. This can be difficult when you’re feeling frustrated, but it will go a long way in convincing them to see things from your perspective. So don’t ever try to be disrespectful towards them. Even when you can’t convince them then also never be disrespectful to them.

27 Ways How to Convince Your Parents (to Do All You Want)

13) Don’t take no for an answer

If your parents say no to something, don’t just accept it and move on. Ask them why they said no and see if there is anything you can do to change their mind. They may have valid reasons for their decision, but you won’t know unless you ask.

14) Keep your cool

It’s important to remain calm and level-headed when you’re talking to your parents, even if they are getting upset. This will help you avoid saying something you might regret and make it more likely that they’ll listen to what you have to say. That’s why you need to stay calm and help them understand why it’s important for you and not harmful and if you can make them understand then you can easily convince your parents.

15) Try again later

If your parents say no to your request, don’t give up. Try bringing it up again at a later date or approaching them from a different angle. They may be more receptive the second time you go to convince them.

16) Make sure to have good grades at school

Parents would want to reward their kids who are doing great at school. Knowing that you will need to ask permission from them or buy something for you from time to time, take your studies seriously. Be a responsible student who consistently earns good grades.

27 Ways How to Convince Your Parents (to Do All You Want)

17) Serve them breakfast or snacks

Another way to win the hearts of your parents is by serving them some hearty meals. You can wake up earlier than them to cook them their favorite breakfast or learn some new snack recipes from YouTube for the afternoon.

18) Do the laundry

Most of the time, parents are too busy with work to attend to dirty clothes. That is why many households choose to get the service of laundry shops. So why not help your parents save from laundry costs by washing their clothes for them? If you have a washing machine, the chore will not take you long. Your dad and mom will surely appreciate the effort.

19) Give them a relaxing foot massage

Do you parents usually come home tired from work? They would surely appreciate a comforting foot massage. If you can help them relay by offering them a soothing foot massage in the evening, they would surely feel appreciative towards you.

20) Mind your body language

Don’t fold your arms, or slouch. Stand up straight or sit up straight in a chair, and try to smile when appropriate. Even if your parents only pick it up subconsciously, this stance is reassuring and improves your chances of persuading your parents.

27 Ways How to Convince Your Parents (to Do All You Want)

21) Be a responsible kid

If parents see that their children are responsible and reasonable, they are more likely to listen to them. Be a good student and be a role model to your siblings. You should also practice self-discipline, especially when it comes to doing chores and school work first before playing games or hanging out with your friends.

22) Admit your mistake

When you accept your mistake and act maturely before them, they start to trust you and get convinced of you. By gaining trust from your parents, you will be able to convince your parents of anything. For example, if you have ever made a mistake while going out with your friends, tell your parents about your mistake. It will help your parents gain trust in you.

23) Talk to your parents

You need to communicate to your parents about things that you are convincing them of. For example, if you are convincing your parents to buy you a new phone, talk to them about your current phone, problems you are getting from the phone, the reason for buying a new phone and so on.

24) Be honest

Being honest is the best way to win the trust of anyone. If your parents trust you, they will be convinced of whatever you tell them. No matter what you want, you need to be honest with your parents. If you convince your parents to say yes to you from a lie, they will not trust you next time.

27 Ways How to Convince Your Parents (to Do All You Want)

25) Stand your ground

Be firm in a positive way but don’t overdo it by being obnoxious. Don’t yell, cry, slam doors, sulk, stomp, or complain about their decision. Tell them you are willing to work for it, and make sure you are sincere. Parents can usually tell when you don’t plan to work, so if you aren’t prepared to do your part, don’t make any promises.

26) Make a deal

Consider what your parents like or would like to be done around the house. Maybe your dad dreads cleaning the house on the weekends, or your mom cleans out the cat’s litter box every other day.

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