Authentic Czech Bramboráky Recipe – Delicious Potatoe Pancakes

Czech Bramboraky Recipe

Bramboráky are quite a common dish for all Slavic, Germanic, and Hungarian people. They are similar to Jewish Latkas. Bramboráky are pan-fried potatoes pancakes made of dough made of shredded potatoes. Czech version is unique, especially for added marjoram and garlic. Bramborák can be served itself or with cabbage and meat. They are best accompanied by … Read more

Authentic Czech Goulash Recipe – Český Guláš

Czech Goulash Recipe

Czech Goulash (Guláš) is one of the traditional Czech dishes and you are going to find it on the menu of the vast majority of restaurants in the Czech Republic. Czech Goulash is usually made with beef or pork and it’s served with boiled or steamed bread dumplings. Across the country, there are many variations of … Read more

Weinersnitchel (correctly spelled: Wiener Schnitzel): Austrian National Dish

Weinersnitchel - Wiener Schnitzel Austrian National Dish

Wiener schnitzel (often incorrectly spelled Weinersnitchel) is a type of schnitzel made of a thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet. It is one of the most known specialties of Viennese cuisine, and one of the most famous Austrian national dishes. It’s also very popular in neighboring countries, especially Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy or Switzerland. Wiener schnitzel meaning: the name comes from the … Read more