357 Best Hotel Slogans (to Boost Your Business Success)

Are you wondering, which slogan to use for your hotel? Check our ultimate collection of the best hotel slogans that will help with your business success.

We have divided these slogans into several categories – catchy, creative, unique, clever, modern, memorable, and more…

You can jump to those categories in the table of contents:

Catchy Hotel Slogans

  1. Whatever you want. Whoever you are.
  2. Our world is your playground
  3. Everything. Right, where you need it.
  4. Make you feel at home
  5. This is your heart
  6. Decide where you belong
  7. See what a difference a stay makes
  8. We love having you here
  9. Come In As Guests. Leave As Family.
  10. Let us stay with you
  11. The only place to be for your vacation
  12. The best value under the sun.
  13. Undoubtedly the best
  14. Another day in paradise.
  15. Don’t mention it, it is our pleasure
  16. Come, stay and enjoy your day.
  17. Your New home is waiting
  18. A very good place to be.
  19. The preferred hotel
  20. Experience more together
  21. A great adventure begins here
  22. The world’s friendliest hotels.
  23. Best memories start here
  24. Celebrate life with us
  25. We invite you to try it
Catchy Hotel Slogans

Creative Hotel Slogans

  1. We appreciate your business
  2. People at the heart of Progress
  3. It’s all about you
  4. Get Further Away.
  5. Sunrise and sunset right from your bed
  6. Stay like it is your own
  7. Find your Freedom!
  8. Hotels to celebrate life.
  9. We’ll go the extra mile for you
  10. You get what you pay for
  11. Designed for relaxation
  12. Live the life.
  13. Get ready for the time of your life
  14. Think beyond expectation
  15. Treat yourself
  16. You’re the reason we’re here!
  17. Pleasing people the world over.
  18. Travel should take you places.
  19. We’ve thought of everything.
  20. The ideal location
  21. A place to get away from it all
  22. Extent your Happiness
  23. The place to stay
  24. Life’s better at the Garden
  25. The best surprise is no surprise.
Creative Hotel Slogans

Unique Hotel Slogans

  1. Unpretentiously luxurious
  2. When you’re here, experience what life is all about
  3. We’ll Leave the Light On For You
  4. Five-star quality in a hotel of four stars
  5. Your comfort is our priority
  6. Beauty has an address
  7. It’s not just a place, it’s an experience
  8. Fully enjoy your stay with us
  9. Where friends and family will always feel at home!
  10. On the bay in Coconut Grove
  11. An ideal world If only for a night
  12. Your success is our highest calling
  13. We make you feel better than at home
  14. An iconic Experience…let’s feel it
  15. The beach is just the beginning
  16. Take It From Us. You’re In Good Hands
  17. 34 storeys, all with happy endings
  18. We care about your experience.
  19. Relax, you’re on vacation
  20. Where the hotel is the heart of the city
  21. We put a smile back on your face.
  22. Whatever your reason for visiting, your hosts are ready to help
  23. Get all facility at the right time
  24. The reality of the Way
  25. Nice people. Taking care of nice people.
Unique Hotel Slogans

Fancy Hotel Slogans

  1. Find excitement around every corner
  2. Designed for natural living
  3. Feel the hyatt touch
  4. The heart of your destination
  5. Always good to getaway
  6. Providing iconic experiences
  7. Feel like royalty with every visit to our elegant hotel suites.
  8. At Hampton, We Love Having You Here.
  9. An escape from reality
  10. Stay in our world of comfort and style
  11. Undoubtedly the best effort!
  12. Best part of your journey
  13. The best views ever
  14. Beauty and comfort hand in hand
  15. Discover the Comfortability
  16. When elegance meets comfort
  17. Facilities designed to live with joy.
  18. Merge yourself with luxury
  19. A piece of open sky
  20. One name. Numerous possibilities.
  21. Relax. You’re at Renaissance.
  22. As unique as your imaginations
  23. Have a grand vacation
  24. The Choice of Travellers
  25. The ultimate hotel chain

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Fancy Hotel Slogans

Classy Hotel Slogans

  1. Feel the real life
  2. The art of meeting your highest expectations.
  3. The jewel by the bay
  4. Every room is a suite
  5. Where everyone’s welcome
  6. A place where history meets modern luxury
  7. Explore your destination with us.
  8. Experience the hospitality
  9. Unlock your inner explorer
  10. You deserve more than just an average stay
  11. Where luxury meets comfort to give you the perfect vacation
  12. A mark of distinction.
  13. Your new favorite escape
  14. Check into another world
  15. The perfect place for getaways
  16. The standard of excellence
  17. Live each moment
  18. We don’t just say it, we live it
  19. The luxury of being yourself
  20. The moments of specialty
  21. Where the world comes to stay
  22. A mark of distinction
  23. One step close to Paradise
  24. Experience lifetime happiness
  25. A tradition of Trust
Classy Hotel Slogans

Luxury Hotel Slogans

  1. Where time stands still
  2. The perfect rooms for sunsets
  3. Luxury is personal
  4. Welcome to an oasis of luxury & tranquility
  5. The best vacation getaway
  6. Luxury. Redefined.
  7. A luxurious but sensible choice
  8. Luxury at your fingertips
  9. Enjoy luxury like never before
  10. The best vacation destination in town!
  11. Now, this is living
  12. Share a Grand Experience
  13. New York’s standard for luxury and privacy
  14. A perpetual vacation
  15. Making the right move
  16. Your 5-star destination.
  17. Get away from it all at our luxury hotel!
  18. We love what we do, and it shows
  19. Experience the difference
  20. Feel the class.
  21. We will always put you first
  22. Relaxation like never before
  23. The lap of luxury
  24. The best place where you will find luxury
  25. Passion & Geniune Lifestyle
Luxury Hotel Slogans

Modern/Trendy Hotel Slogans

  1. Stay in your groove
  2. A place to rest and refresh
  3. Enjoy your bizcation.
  4. See life from a different perspective
  5. We love having you here.
  6. Hope you have a lovely stay with us
  7. The hotel for the fashion minded
  8. The finest hotel at the best price.
  9. A very good place to be
  10. For both business and pleasure
  11. Wherever you go, stay with us!
  12. Our Space Our Ways
  13. A place to be somebody
  14. The Best Value Under the Sun
  15. Experience the passion of hospitality
  16. Redefine urban living
  17. A warm, stylish place to unplug and connect
  18. Simple made perfect
  19. A luxury everyone can afford.
  20. Made for comforts
  21. Where the fun never stops
  22. See you on your next trip
  23. It’s not a hotel, it’s a way of life
  24. Welcome to Joy land
  25. Rooms that will blow your mind
Modern/Trendy Hotel Slogans

Clever Hotel Slogans

  1. I feel comfortable here
  2. Arrive and revive
  3. Who’s taking care of you?
  4. More than meets the eye
  5. You do your thing. Leave the rest to us.
  6. We are family, not a chain
  7. The world’s most comfortable bed
  8. You Are Invited.
  9. One name for your all need
  10. We’ll pick you up, we’ll set you down, we’ll even take you to dinner
  11. Great rooms make great mornings
  12. Cheap hotels are a dime a dozen, but a great hotel is priceless
  13. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied
  14. A short story of living
  15. Live, love, laugh, refresh
  16. The World’s Most Unusual Hotels
  17. If you liked our service, tell your friends
  18. We offer free breakfast
  19. Don’t use the lift, take the stairs
  20. When in rome, do as the romans do
  21. We know your needs
  22. Rest well, sleep well.
  23. You are the reason we come to work
  24. Live like a King.
  25. It’s all in the details!
Clever Hotel Slogans

Memorable Hotel Slogans

  1. We care about your experience
  2. A day with friends. A lifetime of memories.
  3. Our doors are open to you
  4. You’re more than welcome
  5. Comfort at its best
  6. Serenity and bliss
  7. Gather around. Refresh and reconnect.
  8. All Desirable services here!
  9. The all-new home is waiting
  10. The luxury of being free
  11. We are the first choice for the world’s leading families
  12. A home for legends
  13. Making your stay memorable
  14. Great Location, Service and Stay
  15. Hotels to celebrate life
  16. A little piece of heaven on Earth
  17. Your Host from Coast to Coast.
  18. Discover the difference
  19. For the best moments of your life
  20. We’re glad you’re here
  21. Making every stay brilliantly simple
  22. Enjoy your day and nights
  23. Be where the good life is
  24. The most memorable rest time starts here.
  25. Stay once, carry memories forever.
Memorable Hotel Slogans

Funny Hotel Slogans

  1. We’re all grown up
  2. Share, love & comeback
  3. The best room is the next one
  4. Please help yourself
  5. Hotel California is more than just a rock song
  6. Clean sheets, hot water, stiff drinks
  7. If you can read this, you are standing too close
  8. Connect with the second life here
  9. Are you lost? You are now!
  10. Come. relax. Enjoy a bite
  11. Some things are best left unplugged
  12. Heavenly bed. Heavenly bath.
  13. If you don’t like our towels, don’t use them
  14. We know you are a human, not a robot
  15. You are our only guest
  16. Room to play
  17. All the comforts of home, plus cable TV and a hot tub
  18. Relax, take it easy
  19. Are you looking for a place so nice, they’ve named it twice?
  20. A clean bed for a tired soul
  21. If the room is empty, take the hint
  22. If this room is not a dream, leave a note
  23. We go the extra goat
  24. Welcome to happiness
  25. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave
Funny Hotel Slogans

Cool Hotel Slogans

  1. Your smile, our happiness.
  2. You’re never too old to do what you want to do
  3. The art of staying well
  4. Staying is believing
  5. We work hard to make your vacation better!
  6. Welcome to your residence
  7. The perfect choice among budgeted hotels!
  8. We put the “hot” in hotel.
  9. The cleanest hotel
  10. Best memories start here.
  11. A place where you will find comfort
  12. Stay on your budget. Travel more.
  13. Your next space
  14. Live it up at our hotel.
  15. A little slice of heaven…with pool service.
  16. The hotel with more.
  17. Your presence is the most valuable
  18. Twice the comfort, twice the value, twice the Hotel
  19. Just perfect to love
  20. Your comfort is our pride
  21. Hotels for Better you
  22. Friendly staff, tidy rooms and tasty food!
  23. It starts with a smile…we work the rest out later.
  24. Great business travel partners
  25. The hotel of choice for the discerning traveler

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