Amazing Eco Adventures in Florida

Tourists are often not so empathetic towards mother nature as they visit spectacular places excited to be mesmerized but usually leave behind trash, and waste mother nature’s resources. However, one can explore and enjoy nature to the full extent in Florida due to the awareness spread  by the conservationists  to protect this delicate planet. Florida’s natural environment including oceans, springs, beaches, and wildlife attracts travelers from all over the world. Florida provides you with a chance to submerge yourself in nature’s beauty. It presents the spotless biodiversity of our planet earth. This sunshine state which is not only close to mother nature but is also an ideal spot for those wanderers seeking eco-friendly wildlife tourism. In Florida, there is a wide range of amazing eco adventures options available, here in this article we will discuss people’s most favorites.

1. Everglades National Park
Everglades is among the most significant and renowned destinations having grassy green waters for eco tourism in Florida. There is an abundance of wildlife. In North America, the biggest subtropical wilderness awaits the tourists at the mainland southern tip of Florida. It is one of those few places where alligators and crocodiles can be found coexisting. Traveling along these huge wetlands makes you see the dolphins, reptiles and other incredible creatures. Most of the park is reachable only by water. This park is also a place for biking, watching animals and birds, camping, and hiking.   

2. Flagler Beach and The Palm Coast
Across miles of undeveloped coastline, there is a nature lover’s favorite destination who wants to spend some precious moments on the east coast of Florida. This 19 mile long coastal line presents a paradise for sunbathers, and boaters. Cruising by boat or kayak after your Port Canaveral cruise leads towards natural habitats of various aquatic creatures including turtles, along with that the sanctuaries for more than two hundred waterfowl species.  

3. Florida Keys
For a very long time, Florida keys have attempted to attain balance between enhancing tourism and shielding mother nature’s natural resources from any harm. With the help of environmental activists, the end product achieved is an eco-friendly paradise packed with sceneries that attract tourists from every part of the world. The world’s third largest barrier reef which is a home to thousands for aquatic plants and creatures surrounds the Florida keys. Divers get to become swim partners with marine creatures including turtles, and fish. Bottlenose dolphins also grow there in the warm waters.   

4. Punta Gorda
A marvelous spot for both internal and coastal discovery. Punta Gorda is an impressive, and historical city present at the southwest side of Florida. This town is a peaceful place for eco-friendly travelers searching for exceptional habitats and it is situated in Gasparilla sound. Some nature parks along the seaside which are a short boat trip away including Aquatic Preserve, have peaceful waters as well as a bunch of appealing islands. It is an entrance to 17th largest national estuary with outstanding location for activities including, hiking, fishing, observing birds, aquatic and land animals.  

5. Crystal River
All the eco-places being along the gulf coast of central Florida, sometimes there are chances of missing this hidden gem which is found away at the back of plenty of islands in the area of Crystal bay. Crystal river national wildlife refuge was created to secure the endangered and scarce West Indian manatee. Tourists can take a boat to reach a spot where they can see spectacular creatures that migrate in huge numbers to hibernate here in cold winters. Around 2000 years old Native American historical locations attract tourists these days who can enjoy and take pleasure in hiking, fishing, scuba diving and many other outdoor adventures.