Agoda Promo Code – 100% Working Discounts in 2021

If you are looking for general all-purpose Agoda Promo Code similar to the Airbnb first booking coupon or discount code, you will not find that. However, Agoda offers time-limited discount codes to certain destinations.

Agoda Promo Codes

Here are the most important questions on how the Agoda promo codes work:

How does Agoda Promo Code work?

  1. Go to this Agoda Promo Codes page.
  2. Find a discount to a destination you would like to go.
  3. Click on “Get coupon“.
  4. Copy the coupon.
  5. Click on “Search properties“.
  6. Find your accommodation.
  7. Insert the copied discount code.
Agoda Promo Code

What’s the exact amount of the discount?

Agoda is changing discounts constantly. You will find different destinations every week. The exact discount amount usually varies between 5 – 10 %. Save this page to bookmarks and check it regularly to find out if there is a good discount fo you.

Can I find different Agoda Promo Code on the internet?

Nope. This Agoda Promo Code page is the only place, where can you find discounts for Agoda. They don’t offer any other different coupons. We have tried to search and didn’t have any success. Everyone is just advertising this same page, so there is no point in trying to find something else.

What is the minimum booking value on which Agoda Promo Code works?

There is no minimum value, Agoda Promo Code works on any booking. However, the higher the booking value, the higher the discount.

Does Agoda Promo Code expire?

Yes, these promo codes are time-limited. They usually expire within a few days or weeks. It’s always written on them, when do they expire.

Agoda Promo Code

General tips for finding cheap accommodation

Where and how to find cheap accommodation? We have prepared a complete guide for you based on our personal experience on how to save money on accommodation during travels.

In this section, we have written 10 general tips for all search engines. If you follow them, you will save a lot of money and time on accommodation.

1) Use filters and use them correctly

W absolutely love filters on search engines. When used properly, it saves you a lot of time and you will find exactly the perfect cheap accommodation you need.

  • Budget – Set your budget.
  • Location – do you care about location? If you don’t want to end up in a remote or less beautiful neighborhood, choose a location with a rating of at least 7 or 8.
  • Distance from the center – set the maximum distance you want to be from the center.
  • Star Rating – we personally don’t really care about star ratings because they often don’t really correspond with the real quality. It only means that the hotel meets some standards that are often not really important (such as a telephone in every room or a minibar).
  • Free cancellation
  • Breakfast included
  • 24h reception desk – if you plan to arrive at night or don’t know the exact time of arrival.
  • Parking – it may be difficult or expensive to park near some downtown hotels.
  • Wi-Fi internet access – it’s not always commonplace.
  • Double bed
  • Entertainment – fitness, massage, sauna, walking tours, bicycle or motorbike rental and more.
Cheap accommodation filters, Agoda Coupon codes

2) Trust the reviews and read the comments

Hotel reviews aren’t on the search engines for nothing. It’s always good to read them and trust them. Generally, people are not critical enough, therefore rating 7 out of 10 is quite below average. 6 is already bad. We recommend looking for accommodation with a rating of at least 7 and ideally at least 8.

On the contrary, getting 10 out of 10 is almost impossible and anything 9 or more is great.

The amount of ratings is also important. If the hotel has only 5 ratings, it can be biased.

Review comments also tell a lot. Especially comments on worse ratings. You will find the reason why the user assessed the stay negatively and what to watch out for. On the other hand, you may find that people give low ratings for the small details you don’t care about (such as too small towels).

3) Avoid public holidays and popular dates

In popular dates (such as Easter, Christmas or New Year’s Eve), accommodation is usually more expensive and sold out well in advance. So try to avoid these dates. It is also good to find out when public holidays and school holidays are in the country you are traveling to and avoid these too.

Accommodation is also usually more expensive on weekends.

agoda promo code

4) Take advantage of the lowest price guarantee

Both and search engines provide the lowest price guarantee. So if you have, for example, already booked accommodation via Booking and have found a lower price for the same term at Agoda afterward, Booking will pay you a difference. The same is true the other way around.

Download a Google Chrome extension – Gopher, which automatically searches other web engines for better deals.

The lowest price guarantee, Agoda coupon codes
The lowest price guarantee at

5) Search for cheap accommodation on a map

If you don’t look at the map and accidentally book a cheap hotel which is far from the city center, you may then spend a lot of money and lose a lot of time just on traveling.

All major hotel search engines allow efficient map search. First, filter out your main requirements and then choose a good compromise between price and distance based on the map.

Search cheap accommodation on map Agoda coupon code

6) Use loyalty clubs

Most accommodation search engines have a loyalty club that rewards registered customers. has a so-called Genius status which you will earn if you stay twice in the last two years. This gives you a 10% discount on selected hotels.

On Agoda, just register for a member club for free and receive various discounts.

On Couchsurfing, you can buy a paid membership. This gives you the ability to send unlimited requests as well as greater credibility.

7) Beware of additional fees

Always look at what’s included in the price and what’s not. For example, air conditioning or heating is often not included in the price. If you come to the place and find out that there is extreme heat or you are freezing in the room and you want to pay for air conditioning or heating, then it will probably cost you more than sleeping in a better hotel, where everything is included in the price.

Another common additional fee is the city tax. Some hotels have extra charge for Wi-Fi internet, parking, fitness center and other services.

8) Take advantage of free cancellation

Some hotels allow free cancellation. You can book the hotel and then look for last-minute deals and if something cheaper / better appears, you can cancel the original accommodation and book a new one.

Do you find this immoral? Believe that a lot of people do it and hotels count on it.

Free cancellation with hotel booking, Agoda discount code

9) Stay longer than one night

Many hotels offer a discount if you stay more nights. You can often find deals like 4 nights for the price of 3 and so on.

10) Book cheap accommodation last minute

Hotels are trying to sell their unfilled rooms last minute. If you search for hotels sometime between 4pm and 8pm, you will often find 20% to 70% discounts. This way you can afford a much more luxurious hotel at the cost of a cheap hostel.

Beware! Do this only if there is a lot of accommodation possibilities in the area and not in the popular dates. It could also happen that everything will be sold out and you will pay significantly more.

Last minute hotel deals worldwide

Check also our guide on how to find the best accommodation:

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Hotels reviews statistics:

The Naked Truth about Hotel Reviews

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Agoda Promo Codes – FAQ – frequently asked questions:

How does Agoda Promos Code work?

1) Go to this Agoda Promo Codes page.
2) Find a discount to a destination you would like to go.
3) Click on “Get coupon“.
4) Copy the coupon.
5) Click on “Search properties“.
6) Find your accommodation.
7) Insert the copied discount code.

What’s the exact amount of the discount?

Agoda is changing discounts constantly. You will find different destinations every week. The exact discount amount usually varies between 5 – 10 %. Save this page to bookmarks and check it regularly to find out if there is a good discount fo you.

What is the minimum booking value on which Agoda Coupon Code works?

There is no minimum value, Agoda Coupon Code works on any booking. However, the higher the booking value, the higher the discount.

Do Agoda Promo Codes expire?

Yes, these promo codes are time-limited. They usually expire within a few days or weeks. It’s always written on them, when do they expire.

More tips for your travels:

We have prepared for you this comprehensive list of links, discounts, and resources for travel planning in one place. Bookmark this page and whenever you plan a vacation in the future, just open it and save yourself a lot of time.

1) Where to book accommodation?

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3) How to rent a car?

  • We recommend a comparison portal to compare the best offers of all available rental companies.

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